November Beauty Haul 2014

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Hello readers !
This month I went to my neighbour country and I spend some € (actually a lot). Since we don't have a MAC and The Body Shop store in my country, I didn't care how much I'd spend. You can see that huge haul here.
Also I bought some other "essentials" in my country which you'll see here. And I'm still spending money on some things I really don't need - do you have any good advice for shoppaholics ?


1. Duchesse Cotton Swabs
I've realized I never show this in my haul, but don't worry I need them too :P

2. Balea Kiwi Shower Schimmer - shower gel
As if I don't have enough shower products, I couldn't resist the fruity smell of this one :/ And as I'm already using it, I really like it.

3. Microcell 2000 - Nail Repair
A staple in my nail routine. Kind of helps with my poor nails.

4. Essie - Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low
Gorgeous Winter/Christmas shade, you can already see it on my blog.

5. Burt's bees Tinted Lip Balm - Hibiscus
Actually I found this one on offer and I couldn't resist.

6. Essence Hugs & Kisses - 04 Sunshine and Red Roses nail polish
I actually bought this one second-hand from one of the bloggers, as I wanted it when the collection came out and wasn't able to get it.

7. REN Flash Rinse 1 minute facial (mask)
Actually I got this sample in Elle magazine, which ofcourse I bought. We'll see how this one works.

8. Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera EDT
I know I have so many perfumes already, however I'm running out of this one and it was on sale + I've been using and loving it now for years :)

9. Cien nailpolish remover
Actually I forgot that I already had a backup of nailpolish remover, but I found this one in Lidl and was interested in how you just "pump" the product onto your cottonpad. I wish I bought the Aceton free one.

10. CadeaVera Anti-Spot Cleansing wipes (Young)
I use these a lot, so I picked them up when they were on offer 3 for 2.


1. L'oreal Mat' Magique - 02 Rose Ivory
I've been using this product for like 2 or 3 years now (I even have an old packaging), so I was happy to receive this new one in the same shade as a gift for participating in DM's "giveaway"

2. Oriflame Triple Core lipstick - Sublime Pink

3. Maybelline Babylips
Won in a fb giveaway. A girl can never have too many lip balms, right ?, so excited for these :)

4. L'oreal Laser Renew Day Cream
They say it's best to prevent rather than fix wrinkles. Anyways, L'oreal was giving like hundred of these away, so why not.

5. Zoya - Neve nailpolish
I've never tried Zoya nailpolishes, so I'm excited to finally have one.

+ Soraya Slovenija sent me a 10€ gift card, so I guess I'll shop some more :)

Let me know if you'd like to see anything on my blog.

Love and Lemons, Simona

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  1. Jaz sem tudi dobila tole L'oreal kremico, ampak bom jo verjetno kar podarila nekomu, ki mu bo prišla bolj prav. :P
    Mi je pa po eni strani žal, da sem zgrešila akcijo na CA parfum, ker tega bi res rada sprobala. :/ po drugi strani pa vredu, mam res veliko parfumov.

    1. jaz bom pa še vidla, ker nikol ni prepozno ..preventiva je boljša :P
      jaz pa skoz kupujem tale parfum in sem ga pač mogla kupit kljub moji vlki zbirki :)

  2. Burt's bees review presume :)

    Zoya tale lakec :D

    1. Burt's bees review pride enkrat tale mesec upam :P

      Pa Zoya lakec tud morem sprobat :3

  3. lušten blog, ampak obupna angleščina!

    1. hello anonymous...thank you for your constructive criticism...if you don't like my english, just don't bother to read my blog.
      xo, Simona ;)