Everyday Bag Essentials

Hi girls !
Today I decided to show you what I carry in my everyday bag. I rarely switch around my bags so this stays in my main bag all the time. Maybe I carry too much around but when you are in need of something, it's better to be prepared.

To start of: sunglasses above are from H&M and I love them. I put them in a case from Pupa Milano because it's pretty and sturdy. And then of course I'm never leaving a house without keys which have a donut keychain on them.
Because I cannot stand having dry lips, I always have a lip balm (Labello - Repair & Care) & nude/moisturising lipstick (Essence - LE) with me to touch up. Also you gotta have some chewing gum. You can also call me handkerchief girl. If anyone needs it, I'm always there. It seems like not a lot of people carry these around but I like having them if anything happens and I just need one.
Then I also have this "pet hair" roller because my cat is mainly white and I like wearing black clothes, so I need one of these. And lastly on this picture: my wallet. It's a bit older now, but I cannot find a perfect sized wallet like this one anymore. It's from Accesorize and it's just perfect. Not too big and not too small. Plus it's pretty.

Next up is my striped cosmetics bag. It's well used and it carries all of those products (above) inside.
Firstly some pills (for headache or problems with belly acids) and eye drops because I wear contact lenses a lot. Then I have some makeup to touch up: a Wet n' wild powder which is pretty nice and it serves me well & also Bourjois healthy mix concealer to cover imperfections or touch up foundation. A comb comes in handy sometimes. Being a glasses wearer I always carry around a little cloth to clean glasses. 
Next up is a lovely Caudalie hand cream which is not greasy at all and it smells refreshingly of grapes. Also a nail file is a must, this tiny one is from Essence. I also carry around a small roller-ball perfume from Zara which smells fresh but a bit floral. Then to touch up I have a mirror from Green Line cosmetics. Also some pins and a hair bobble to keep my hair out of the way. And the last two things are: Mattifying Papers & Antibacterial wipesThat's kinda a lot, right ?

So, what else do you carry around in your bag ?

Avon: Shine Burst Gloss Stick

Živjo punce.
Čeprav nas že celo leto spremlja trend mat šmink, pa le te poleti običajno zamenjamo za bolj sijoče ter vlažilne teksture. Sama ne maram šmink, ki mi izsušijo ustnice, zato imam raje takšne vlažilne in kremaste. Le te pa običajno niso tako dobro obstojne ter zahtevajo ponovno nanašanje čez dan. Tako Avon predstavlja rdečilo z leskom glosa. Gre za šminko, katera je obogatena s sadnimi izvlečki (gladilna papaja, vlažilno granatno jabolko ter negovalno kokosovo olje) za ohranjanje vlaženja ustnic.

Hi girls.
Another day another lipstick post. I feel like all I read about on blogs are matt lipsticks. However, these can be worn all year around, but for summer it's fun to change it up a bit and wear shiny, moisturizing lipsticks. To be honest, I prefer moisturizing lipsticks because I hate the feeling of dryness. But with that I sacrifice the longevity of lip products. And so, Avon presents lippies with a look of a gloss. It's a lipstick, enriched with fruit extracts (smoothing papaya, moisturizing pomegranate and nourishing coconut oil) to ensure your lips to stay hydrated.

Shine Burst šminke so torej zelo vlažilne ter prihajajo v 15 sijočih odtenkih. Plastična embalaža je čudovita in trendna saj je v različnih metalik odtenkih. Prav tako mi je všeč, da je ozka ter je sama šminka oblikovana ožje, kar je meni enostavneje za nanos in popravljanje čez dan. Tekstura je lahkotna ter se kar zlije na ustnicah in pusti sijoč, vlažilen učinek. Pigmentiranost je bolj prosojna, vendar se jo da nadgraditi. Obstojnost ni odlična, vendar se razlikuje od odtenkov.
Cena pa je zelo ugodna (4,5€ - več tukaj).

Shine Burst Gloss Sticks are a moisturizing lippies with a shiny effect, in 15 colors. The plastic packaging is so trendy, being in different metallic shades. Also I love that the packaging and product is thin because it's easier to apply and store in the bag. Texture is really creamy and glides on so easily while leaving a hydrating feeling. I'd say that pigmentations is not the best and varies based on different shades. Still you can build it up. Because these are so glossy, the longevity is not great but again I feel like it's different based on a shade. Also they're really affordable (4,5€) 

Preizkušena odtenka:
Berry Burst - dobesedno obarva moje ustnice in zato odtenek traja več ur in izgleda kot da so naravno obarvane (kakor bi jedla maline ali kakšno drugo živo obarvano sadje). Sama barva je "malina " oz. pink z rdečim podtonom.

Nude Shine - naraven, bež-rjav odtenek z majhnimi bleščicami. Po uživanju hrane ali pijače, na ustnicah ostanejo samo še bleščice, torej obstojnost ni najboljša.

I've tried:
Berry Burst - is a pinky-reddish color. I'd say it's a raspberry shade. Also it is more longlasting since it gives my lips a literal tint (looks like I've eaten some berries).

Nude Shine - natural, beige-brown shade with some silver sparkle. After eating and drinking you're left just with sparkles which can be kind of annoying. It's a pretty shade but not longlasting.

Vse odtenke si lahko ogledate na blogu Adjusting Beauty.

You can see all the shades on the blog: Adjusting Beauty.

Lipstick of the day: YSL - Rouge Volupté Shine N° 43 Rose Rive Gauche

Hi girls !
So today I wanted to change up things a bit and post a lippie of the day - or should I say month ? I've been wearing this lipstick so many times and it is one of my faves already. I posted a review on a bright pink shade (N° 51 Rose Saharienne) - find it here. So I'm not gonna go into details but these lipsticks are really moisturizing with a nice color payoff while having a scent of mangoes.
I'm all about comfortable lipsticks even if they're not long lasting, so mattes are rarely in my collection. Everyone has their preferences. The shade N° 43 Rose Rive Gauche is a nice coral with a rose undertone. Enjoy the pictures...

Živjo punce !
Tokrat za spremembo objavljam "šminko dneva" oz. kar meseca saj je non-stop na mojih ustnicah in je kmalu po nakupu postala tudi ena mojih najljubših. Na blogu sem nekaj časa nazaj objavila oceno pink odtenka (N° 51 Rose Saharienne) - objavo najdete tukaj. Tako, da ne bom šla v detajle. Tekstura šminke je čudovita saj je zelo vlažilna, vendar vseeno lepo pigmentirana. Prav tako diši po mangu. Vsako dekle ima svoje preference, jaz pa imam najraje šminke, ki so zelo udobne, čeprav velikokrat niso dolgo obstojne. Tako v moji zbirki ni veliko matt odtenkov.
Odtenek N° 43 Rose Rive Gauche je koralen odtenek z roza podtonom, tako da je izredno nosljiv.
Naprej na slike...

Empties #19

Hi girls !
My box was full of empty cosmetics, so here is another empties post ! I think I need to start purging my collection again because I'm not satified with how much I use up :)

Dove Invisible Dry Antiperspirant
Up untill this year I haven't tried anything from Dove. I don't know why because most products have such good reviews online. So, this deodorant smells really fresh and feminine. It's great at protecting me from bad smells and it lasts up whole day. It's supposed to be invisible, however if you spray too closely it can look a bit white.
Repurchase: already have

Garnier Neo Soft Flow Antiperspirant - Floral Touch
I was so happy when I got a package full of these new Garnier Neo deodorants. I actually really like them, however I got a problem with the packaging. Somehow I used this one only a few times and then all of a sudden it was completely empty. Just like the spray dissapeared and I've heard it happened to many girls. I'm using another one at the moment and that one is completely fine. I'm just not willing to risk that in the future. Other than that, it is a really nice deodorant and this scent was one of my faves. It lasts whole day and the actual spray is really gentle on the skin.
Repurchase: nope

Rexona Anti-perspirant - Invisible Aqua
This one is always nice. It does the job and keep you "stinky-free" for a looong time ! Also it doesn't leave yellow marks. It's still a bit white though.
Repurchase: yes

Rexona Anti-perspirant Invisible black + white
I really liked this deodorant & it did a great job. Also I liked the smell (a bit better than other ones). The only problem I have with Rexona spray deodorants is that they are so strong when you spray them - I almost choke on them.
Repurchase: already have

Got2b Volumania Styling Powder

I am so sad that this is discontinued. I really love Batiste dry shampoos, however sometimes I just want to refresh my hair without too much product left in my hair. That's when I used this lovely product. It didn't show up on my hair and it was nicely refreshing. Also it smelled very nice !
Repurchase: sadly, discontinued

Phyto Huille Soyeuse
I have a problem with brushing out my hair, so I always search for products which won't weight down my (prone to grease easily) hair, while still taming it and providing some hydration. This oil is in a form of a light lotion, which hydrates my hair and can be used even only on the ends of the hair. It feels nice and doesn't feel greasy.
Repurchase: maybe

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit shower gel
I love me some fruity shower gels. This one was quite zesty and refreshing which is awakening and great for mornings. It doesn't feel special but really lovely.
Repurchase: maybe

The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream
Shea line from TBS is one of my least favorite ones just because of the smell. It is neutral and good for the days when you don't want something over-powering, however it has a slight bitter scent to it. Despite that this product felt so moisturizing on my skin.
Repurchase: maybe

Afrodita Cosmetics Natural Balance Intimate Soap
Each year Afrodita Cosmetics surprises us with something new. This product was really missing in their line an I am happy to have tested it. It's a nice gentle intimate soap with just a faint scent. I have since bought a different version but I liked this one as well.
Repurchase: probably

The Body Shop Mango Sugar Scrub
A very nice body scrub, maybe a bit too gentle for my taste. Had a great fruity mango scent and I liked it.
Repurchase: maybe

Nivea Frangipani & Oil shower gel
This shower gel has small beads of oil in it which feels a bit moisturizing on the body. Also I liked the gentle floral but a bit fruity scent.
Repurchase: maybe

Treaclemoon One Ginger Morning Body Milk
One of the best smelling products ! I wish I didn't also have as much shower gels so I could buy that because it is divine. When I think of ginger, I think of biterness, however this body milk smelled so fresh and zesty. I just cannot describe it. Other than that it was just a light-weight body moisturiser.
Repurchase: maybe

Essence Studio Nails nail polish corrector pen
Here and there I buy this handy little product because it makes my life easier. It contains some nailpolish remover and is quite convenient. I just hate that the tip dries up so fast, even with changing it up.
Repurchase: maybe

Essence Studio Nails nail care pen
This was a pen with some oil product inside. It was nice, smelled likes oranges and kept my culticles moisturised. However, it went bad quickly and now it stinks.
Repurchase: probably not

Essence sponge nail polish remover
Finally I got rid of this one. It was a great nail polish remover with a big sponge inside. Usually I rotated my fingers in it and voila, nailpolish removed. However, doesn't work for glitter because it gets stuck on the sponge and you can tear it up. At the end I was left with a messy sponge full of dark nail polish remover in it, which was gross and didn't work anymore.
Repurchase: maybe

Dvorec Trebnik Creamy Hand gel
Dvorec Trebnik has some amazing products like this one. This hand cream is thick but feels light weight and instantly sinks into the hands while leaving a refreshing and moisturising effect behind. I love that it doesn't just leave a film on top. Mentioned here !
Repurchase: yes

Duchesse Cosmetic Cotton Pads
Because I use up cotton pads so often I like buying cheap ones. These are not the best because they're quite thin, but they totally work and I would say they're nice ! 
Repurchase: yes (always)

Duchesse Cosmetic Pads (Sanddorn-Extrakt)
Ok, so these are a bit different. They seem to be thicker, that's why they're more expensive than the other ones. I really liked them and they do help remove my makeup nicely.
Repurchase: yes

Nivea Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes
I was sent these to me quite a long time ago. Creme Care skincare is a hydrating/moisturising line, so it may not be my favorite since my skin is quite oily, however I did like these Cleansing Wipes. At first they burned my skin, don't know why, might be a bad combination of some prodcuts. They removed my makeup nicely while leaving my skin hydrated.
Repurchase: maybe

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In moisture mask
Such a lovely hydration mask with a gentle floral scent. It made my skin feel nicely moisturised without an oily feeling. Also lasted for two uses.
Repurchase: maybe

Fresh & Clean Makeup-Remover Wipes (normal skin)
I like these. They remove my makeup well & they smell nice. Also the packaging is nice with that plastic top (+ I've seen these on sale a lot !)
Repurchase: probably

CadeVera Anti-Shine Mattifying Papers
If you have oily skin, you need these. These tiny papers blot away any oils and then you can powder if you want afterwards. Plus they're cheap. Mentioned here.
Repurchase: already have

Labello Original Lip Balm
My favorite Labello lip balm. It's so moisturizing and creamy, I just love it. Mentioned here.
Repurchase: yes

D&G L'Amoreux perfume
Unisex perfume which I actually really like. I received a sample and had to order it online. It's hard to get, so you have to look for it online. Also I liked the name
Repurchase: have a big bottle already

Duchesse Intimate Wipes
I really like these. They are wet enough and nicely calming. I use them mostly during that "time of the month"
Repurchase: yes

Balea Clear-Up Strips
These are my staple in skincare routine. My pores are so large and need some clearing up at least once per two weeks. They pull out the dirt quite well. However, since getting a blackhead extractor I don't need these as much but they're still convenient to have.
Repurchase: always

L'Oreal Micellar Water
I like this micellar water because it's effective and gentle on my eyes. Though I hate the packaging because it can spill everywhere easily.
Repurchase: probably

Balea bath Stick - Coconut
In the last year I've been enjoying baths. I mainly use Lush bath products but once in a while I buy something cheap as well. This is an oil bath full of shea butter and cocoa butter. You can used it two times (half and half) and it makes your skin feel nicely moisturized. Also it smells so lovely of coconut. The only downside to it, is that it has some shredded coconut on the top which can block your siff.
Repurchase: probably (maybe other scents as well)

Lancôme: Teint Idole Ultra Compact

Živjo punce !
Na moji mastni koži so pudri v kamnu "must-have" saj omogočajo podaljšanje obstojnosti podlage ter preprečujejo dodatno izločanje olj. Skratka, uporabljam jih za matiranje in zaključek pudra. Če sem na poti cel dan vzamem takšen kompakten puder tudi s seboj, da si popravim podlago ter odpravim odvečna olja. Danes pa Vam predstavljam kompakten puder znamke Lancôme, katerega sem uporabljala zadnje čase.

"Teint Idole Ultra Compact je prvi Lancômeov kompaktni puder z dolgotrajno obstojnostjo in izjemnim mat učinkom, doseženim zahvaljujoč uporabi tehnologije EternalSoft in visoki koncentraciji perlitov. Čeprav polt še nikoli ni bila videti tako matirana, sta sijaj in občutek lahkotnega ugodja še naprej prisotna. Zahvaljujoč tehnologiji EternalSoft in do zdaj še ne videni koncentraciji perlitov je Lancôme končno dosegel nepredstavljivo: tekstura izdelka Teint Idole Ultra Compact omogoča preprosto prekrivanje, ki na obrazu ne deluje kot maska, temveč zagotavlja sijočo in polepšano polt. Popolnost v svojem polnem sijaju."

Hello girls !
There is no secret that I cannot do my makeup without having a pressed powder. My skin is quite oily so I need something to pro-long the wear of makeup and also help me with balancing the oils. That is why I use pressed powders: mostly to mattify but then also to finish off the makeup. Throughout the day I powder my face just to fix the makeup and remove the shine. So, today I'll be talking about a pressed powder I've been using lately and it's by a brand Lancôme.

"Achieve a flawless complexion with Lancôme's Teint Idole Ultra 25H Compact, a pressed powder foundation with long-wearing coverage and healthy matt finish. Gliding effortlessly across skin to create a unified complexion, the makeup helps balance out unevenness whilst providing all day shine control; its concentration of Perlite expertly absorbs excess sebum and provides a shield against shine for an all-day, flawless finish. Skin is mattified and perfected."

Teint Idole Ultra Compact puder je zelo fino mlet in se sploh ne opazi na obrazu ter tudi ne deluje kot maska, kakor so sami opisali. Končen izgled ni popolnoma mat, saj daje koži naraven izgled ter tako tudi koža ne izgleda enodimenzionalno. Ne morem reči, da mojo polt oz. tekočo podlago matira skozi celoten dan, vendar se mi zdi, da dobro uravnava olja. Prekrivnost ni velika, kar od takšnega kompaktnega pudra tudi ne pričakujem. Embalaža na magnet je precej velika, ampak mi je zelo všeč ogromno ogledalo saj ga včasih preprosto potrebujem. Na poti tudi uporabljam priloženo gobico saj je zelo priročna. Prav tako mi je všeč, da je puder ločen s pokrovom, saj tako ostane nedotaknjen. Lepo, nežno diši po cvetlicah.
Odtenek, ki sem ga prejela je 03 in na roki izgleda precej temno, česar sem se vstrašila. Pa vendar na obrazu ne izgleda temno, temveč se nekako zlije z mojo kožo. Seveda pusti nekaj odtenka, vendar ni takšne razlike in je super za poletne dni. Pozimi bi si morda privoščila najbolj svetel odtenek.

Cena: 47€ | odtenki:  01 / 02 / 03 / 04

Teint Idole Ultra Compact is truly fine milled powder which makes your skin look natural, without a mask effect. It mattifies the complexion while not loosing 3D dimension. It is not a miracle worker if you have super oily skin like me, however I still feel like it works better than some powders in terms of balancing the oils. It doesn't give much coverage but it's kind of expected since it's only a pressed powder. The packaging is stunning, however a bit big but you get a nice sized mirror inside which on the go I need. The actual powder is separated and closed with a lid so it doesn't dry up and stays in a perfect condition. Also it has a nice gentle floral smell. At home I apply it with a big face powder brush and on the fo I use a little sponge which is convenient.
The shade 03 looks a bit dark on my skin, however it kind of blends with my skin. Of course it shows up a bit on the skin, however it's perfect for summer. Keep in my I'm really pale. 
All in all this is a really nice compact powder and I don't have any complaints. 

Price: 43-47€ (varies from country) | shades: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04

Summer Essentials: Suncare & Skincare

Živjo punce.
Tokrat sem na kupček dala izdelke katere sem to poletje najraje uporabljala in me bodo spremljali še naprej poleg kupa Afroditinih izdelkov, ki sem jih predstavila že prejšnjič. Moja poletno nego je kar se da preprosta in sestavljena iz lahkih, vendar vlažilnih izdelkov. To leto sem se soočila s poplavo poletnih izdelkov, vendar sem izbrala res meni najljubše.

Hi girls.
Today you'll read more about my essentials products for keeping my skin hydrated and in a good condition this summer. This summer I received many products but I picked the ones which work great for my skin and would also recommend them. I like to keep it simple and choose light-weight products but also those who are greatly hydrating. So, let's see what I like...

Krema za sončenje za obraz
Prvo morem omenit najpomembnejše: zaščita proti soncu. Sonce nas lahko zelo postara in starejša sem, bolj se zavedam, da ima neprijeten učinek na kožo. Sama pa sem zelo bele polti (porcelan), zato se  poleti trudim z zaščito, drugače pa se raje gibam v senci. Zavedam se, da bi mogla nosit čim večji SPF, vendar znajo biti sončne kreme precej težke za mojo kožo. Tako velikokrat raje posežem po tekočem pudru z SPF. Najpogosteje podlago kombiniram z Lierac Sunific sončno kremo z SPF15, katera je popolnoma lahkotna in prijetna na koži. Najdeš jo pri Mediforma. Na SummerMBeauty dogodku pa smo prejele to Alga Maris BIO kremo z SPF 30 (na voljo v Sanolabor in lekarnah) in takoj mi je postala všeč, ker diši po kokosu in mi zagotavlja še večjo zaščito ! Gre za sončno kremo s kokosovim oljem, izvlečkom alg ter sestavinami naravnega izvora. Med tem, ko je Lierac sončna krema popolnoma lahkotna, pri nanosu Alga Maris kreme malce pazim na količino.

Sun Protection Cream for the Face
A face protection in the summer is a must. Not only it damages your skin but excessive sun-tanning can make you look older. Also my skin is literally porcelain so I need to use sun protection, otherwise I get burned. I struggle with high SPF creams because those tend to be too heavy for my oily skin. That's why I mainly like to combine a foundation with SPF with a Lierac Sunific SPF15 sun cream because it's really light weight and I almost cannot feel it on the skin. Also it smells lovely. To ensure myself of not getting sun burned when I'm on the sun for longer time, I use this Alga Maris BIO cream with SPF30. I got it on SummerMBeauty event and instantly fell in love because it smells like coconuts or should I say: like summer ! It's BIO certified and contains coconut oil as well as some algae. It is just a bit heavier than Lierac, so I'm careful to how much I put on.

Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze - SPF30
Za zaščito celotnega telesa pa imam najraje spreje, saj so enostavni za uporabo. Še bolje pa je, če so transparentni kakor tale. SPF30 mi nudi ravno dovolj zaščite, da me ne opeče, če nanos seveda ponavljam. Ima pomanjkljivost, da malce pusti masten občutek. Prav tako pa se mi zdi, da moja koža že običajno počasneje vpija losjone in olja.

Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Sun Spray- SPF30
This has been my go to sun protection for the body this summer. I like to use sprays and transparent liquids like this one because they're easier to use. Though this one takes some time to sink in. It's water resistant which is great and also gives me enough protection from sun.

4kids and us - Olje po sončenju
Nega po sončenju je zelo pomembna. Še posebej za mojo kožo saj hitro postane rdeča. Tako jo poleti zelo vlažim z bogatimi izdelki. Končno sem imela priložnost preizkusit tudi 4kids and us kozmetiko, ki je naravnega izvora. Tako ima to olje naraven, zeliščen vonj ter kožo zelo neguje. Sicer se ne vpije hitro, vendar ga nanesem zvečer pred spanjem ter imam občutek, da mi zelo dobro neguje kožo. To olje je na osnovi mandljevega, arašidovega olja, eteričnega olja sivke in nemške kamilice z dodatkom vitamina E in betakarotena za dolgotrajno lepo polt

4kids and us - After sun oil
This is a Slovenian natural cosmetics brand, made by a family of four. Finally I got to try it and I can say that the products are well made. After sun care is in my opinion really a must. That's why I use oils and moisturisers at night, to soothe my skin and hydrate it during the night. This oil with a herbal scent nourishes my skin, even though it doesn't sink in that quickly. All I can say is that sometimes it's good to know what you put on the skin.

Mirati face wash
Izdelek, ki me je letos enostavno očaral. Obožujem čistilne gele, še posebej poleti, ko želim, da je moja koža osvežena in čim bolj čista. Ta vsebuje aloe vero kar je odlično za pomirjanje kože po soncu ter med samim umivanjem daje precej vlažilen občutek - brez zategovanja. Prav tako pa diši po citrusih, kar sama preferiram. Priporočam ga tudi, če iščete bolj naravne izdelke, saj ne vsebuje SLS-a ter parabenov.

Mirati face wash
This is the product that totally made it into my 2016 favorites. I love face washes in a gel-like form and this one is perfect. It contains aloe vera which is great for soothing, but also when you wash your face with it, it feels so hydrating ! Also smells like lemons, which I love since I'm citrusy-scent kind of lover. Great thing is that it's SLS and paraben free.

Kozmetika Afrodita Aloe Vera Hydra Tonik
Takšni toniki so vsestranski: delujejo kot nega po umivanju obraza ter pripravijo kožo na kremo, prav tako pa ga lahko uporabljaš kot osvežilni sprej po celem telesu. Ta iz Afrodite je super, ker vsebuje aloe vero, ki dobro pomirja ter vlaži kožo. Ker ga lahko enostavno pošpricaš, pa je enostaven za uporabo. Skratka, še en čudovit izdelek slovenskega izvora.

Afrodita Cosmetics Aloe Vera Hydra Toner
I love toners like this one because they're versatile. You can use it as an usual toner, to prepare your skin for face cream or simply spray it on the face and all over the body to refresh yourself in the summer time. It contains aloevera, which calms and soothes the skin, especially after being on the sun. It's really easy to use and feels refreshing.

Avon Senses Joyful Tropic Papaya & Peach shower gel
Tuš geli so prav tako velik del poletnega rituala saj z njimi po sončenju odstranim olja ter sončne kreme, sol ali klor. Poleti pa izberem osvežilne vonje. Ta tuš gel je popoln saj diši kot kakšen koktajl. Z vonjem papaje in breskev s tropskim, slajšim pridihom me popelje na morje. Na koži pa se občuti zelo kremasto in nežno.

Avon Senses Joyful Tropic Papaya & Peach shower gel
Let's not forget about shower gels. In the summer they help you remove residue of any oils, sun creams, sea salt or even chloride if you swim in the pool. But it's even better in the summer if they have yummy refreshing scents. This one with peach and papaya is so yummy, like a cocktail and will make you wanna drink it - but don't. On my skin it feels creamy and nicely gentle.

D&G - Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino
In še nazadnje: poletna dišava. V vročini ne maram močnih dišav, saj so lahko zelo neprijetne. Tako imam raje kaj lahkotnega in svežega kot so note te dišave: liči ter mošus. Ta D&G dišava je popolna za poletje saj je namenjena uživanju ob kakšnem morskem mestu. Sicer se kar hitro razdiši, vendar me spravi v boljšo voljo in je moja prva izbira.

D&G - Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino
And let's finish off with my favorite summer fragrance. In the hot summer days I tend not to wear perfume or I choose a really light refreshing one. This is a perfect example of that. Lichi and musk make it refreshing and pleasant. Also it makes me think of the sea each time I wear it. It's not heavy and to me it is quite unique.

- To je moj izbor najnujnejših poletnih izdelkov. Kateri pa so Vaši najljubši?

Afrodita Cosmetics: Summer Edition Products

Živjo punce !
V juniju so nas (blogerke) presenetili iz Kozmetike Afrodita. Namreč poslali so nam paket čudovitih izdelkov za poletje. Tako sem priskrbljena za poletne dni in mislim, da mi sploh nič ne manjka. Prav tako sem se takoj razveselila njihovih izdelkov, saj imam veliko dobrih izkušenj in zelo rada sodelujem z eno izmed najboljših slovenskih znamk. Ja, tudi slovenska kozmetika je lahko odlična ! Prejela sem še anti celulitni gel, vendar se stežka motiviram uporabljat takšne izdelke in še tuš gel za britje, katerega morda vključim v kakšno drugo objavo.

Hi girls !
In june I got sent a massive package full of summer appropriate products from Afrodita Cosmetics. They made sure I got everything for summer vacations. Also this brand is close to my heart and I just love it that everything is made in Slovenia. Hopefully this post will still be useful to some of you that don't live in Slovenia. Also there was anti-cellulite gel and shower gel for shaving included but I'll leave those for another time or post.
Sensitive krema za obraz SPF30
Sicer Afroditine sončne nege pred tem še nisem preizkušala, vendar sem slišala odlične pohvale. Ta krema ima blag vonj. Tekstura pa je na žalost za mojo že tako mastno kožo, preveč bogata in se zato hitro svetim. Nudi zelo dobro zaščito in sem s tem bila zadovoljna, saj me ni opeklo.

Sensitive Sun Face  Cream SPF30
This is a good sunscreen with quite a high SPF and it works great on my skin. It protected my face from getting sun burned very well. However, I dislike that it's quite a rich texture and it makes my skin shine really fast.

Tole sem preizkušala že lansko poletje. Ta marmelada je bila pravi hit že lani in punce so jo v nekaterih drogerijah dobesedno razgrabile. Mene pa je pustila ravnodušno. Ker sem zelo blede polti (praktično transparentna), mora moja zaščita za sonce biti kar visoka in kljub temu me velikokrat opeče. Tako sem marmelado preizkušala v okviru 20 minut samo na nogah. Ker sem enkrat pozabila na zaščito me je tudi malce opeklo, kljub temu, da sem se soncu nastavljala res par minut. Tekstura pa je precej lepljiva ampak sam izdelek tako omamno diši. Definitivno je ne priporočam za svetlopolta dekleta. Če jo uporabljajte, pa ne pozabite na zaščitni faktor preden nanesete marmelado. Pri ostalih polteh pa sem opazila odlične rezultate zagorelosti. Drugače pa nisem zagovornica pretiranega sončenja, zato morda nisem tako navdušena nad takimi izdelki.

Fast Tanning Jam
This one I've tried last year already. Because I'm really pale I kind of can't use products like this. I tried it on my legs and got sun burned quite quickly. Yes, it does work and makes you tan quicker, but be careful since it doesn't contain any SPF - yes, put a good SPF product underneath it ! Other than that, it smells so nice and sweet but it's a bit sticky.

Marmelada DRY OIL
Po marmeladi v trdnem stanju, so letos izdali še suho olje. V primerjavi z marmelado je to olje lažje za uporabo in ni tako lepljivo ter vsebuje še bleščice. Sama bi ga uporabila za izhode po mestu, da pridobim še malce barve in zato, da koža izgleda čudovito, zdravo saj je že samo olje po sebi obarvano in koža izgleda takoj sijoče. Bleščice pa niso preveč opazne, temveč koži dajejo sijaj.. Seveda spet ne pozabiti na SPF, saj ga ta izdelek ne vsebuje. Tako se tu in tam uležem na ležalnik in malo noge nastavim soncu. Pri tem uporabim SPF20 in šele nato na vrh to olje. Koža postane hitreje zagorela, vendar na moji porcelanasti polti ni takšnega hitrega učinka. Prav tako gre za vlažilen, negovalen izdelek saj vsebuje oljni kompleks korenčka, oliv in orehov. In tudi ta noro dobro diši !

Fast Tanning Jam DRY OIL
This is quite the same product as marmelade but in a form of dry oil. This makes is easier to apply as it is not sticky, plus it contains shimmer which makes your skin instantly glow. I'd use it only to beautify my skin or catch a bit of sun when going to the city, which is 5 minutes away and to make my skin look pretty. Also it is nicely moisturizing due to oil complex. Again, SPF needed ! And please don't eat is because it smells so yummy.

SOS Losjon proti komarjem
Ker imam vsako leto precejšne težave s piki nadležnih komarjev, sem se te novosti zelo razveselila. Letos pa jim mogoče kri ne diši ali pa jih preprosto ne najdem, zato tega spreja nisem preveč potrebovala. Lahko pa vam samo omenim, da diši nekako zeliščno (evkaliptus, rožmarin) ampak vseeno osvežilno (limonska trava, citronela), tako da vonj ni tako neprijeten kot pri običajni zaščiti proti mrčesu ipd. Tekstura pa je lahkotna in se na koži ne občuti.

SOS Tropical spray
Every year I get quite a lot of nasty mosquito bites so you know I was happy to receive this product. However, this year there seems to be lack of mosquitos and I didn't need this spray as much. Still, I can tell you that it smells a bit herbal but fresh and it actually doesn't smell as bad as usual bug repelents. The texture is very light and you cannot feel it on the skin.

SOS Prva pomoč pri pikih
Tudi ta izdelek sem preizkusila že lani, ko sem ga dobila kar v Rogaški Slatini. Letos so etiketo sicer malce prenovili, sestavine pa so skoraj identične. Gre za zelo tekoči gel, ki vsebuje sivko ter aloe vero in zelo pomirja srbečico in razdraženo kožo. Meni je najbolj pomagal proti opeklinah, ki jih lani ni bilo malo. Ker je zelo tekoč, se hitro vpije in niti malo ne draži kože. Pomaga pa tudi pri pomirjanju pikov insektov ter opeklinah meduz. Tudi mama si ga je prilastila, saj tudi njej pomaga in ji je zelo všeč.

SOS Calming gel
Let me tell you that this gel product is quite amazing. I got it last year in Rogaška Slatina and since then they changed a packaging a bit. It is a very liquid gel, so it's light-weight and sinks into the skin instantly. It works great with any sunburns as it calms the skin and doesn't leave an itchy or irritating feeling. Also it's for any bug bites or medusa burns. My mom loves it as well as it helps her as an after sun care.