New from Lush Christmas 2016 - Snow Fairy scent family

Živjo punce.
Trio objav o Lushevih božičnih - limitiranih izdelkih zaključujem z verjetno najbolj popularnim vonjem: Snow Fairy. Letos so to linijo še razširili ter dodali regenerator za telo in FUN. Če še ne poznate tega vonja, v bistvu spominja na pocukrane žvečilke ter sladkorno peno. To sladko aromo mu daje sintetični mošus. Sicer nisem največja ljubiteljica sladkih vonjev, vendar je ta poseben in prisoten v moji kolekciji vsako zimo. Sladka aroma je res primerna za hladne dni saj te nekako pogreje in se počutim zelo udobno. Prav tako me spravi v boljšo voljo. Takšne izdelke ne uporabljam vsak dan, saj zna vonj bit kar močen. Tako jih imam tudi za dlje časa. Seveda naj še enkrat omenim, da so vsi Lushevi limitirani izdelki brez konzervansov !

body conditioner

Regenerator za telo je pameten izdelek saj omogoča preprosto uporabo. Naneseš ga na mokro kožo, nato spereš in losjon navlaži telo. Nekateri ga tudi ne spirajo preveč. Pri čemer ne pusti mastnega občutka, koža je hitro navlažena in se lahko takoj oblečeš kar je res odlično. Sama sem z losjoni včasih lena ali pa se mi mudi ter so mi takšni produkti zelo priljubljeni.
Snow Fairy regenerator vsebuje mandljevo olje, organsko jojobino olje, avokadovo maslo, mangovo maslo ter organsko kakavovo maslo, ki poskrbijo za vlaženje in negovanje. Tekstura je gelasta in omogoča hitro nanašanje brez packarije (v primerjavi z Ro's Argan, kateri je bolj tekoč). Slišala sem tudi pritožbe, da naj bi ta regenerator puščal voskast občutek. Z veseljem pa Vam povem, da pri sebi nisem zaznala niti voskastega ali mastnega občutka. Priporočam pa, da na kožo ne nanašate ogromne količine, morda bi lahko to bil vzrok.
Res pa je, da koža ni tako navlažena kot z običajnim losjonom (npr. Lush - Sleepy), vendar še vedno dobro deluje. Za seboj še dalj časa pusti vonj sladkorne pene, ki je milejši kot pri tuš gelu ter včasih tudi prijetnejši. Že sam tuš gel Snow Fairy zelo dobro odišavi kožo (preberi več tukaj) ter ga lahko izmenjavam z regeneratorjem. Skratka gre za odličen izdelek.

Posodico pa lahko recikliraš v trgovinah Lush (5 posodic=1 sveža maska).

Cena: 10,95€/100g & 23,95/240g (na voljo v trgovinah Maribor, Koper ter Ljubljana ali na spletu)

Lush's body conditioners are such a smart product (inspiration comes from hair conditioners). Very easy to use: you need only step into the shower, smooth the conditioner over your entire body and when you're ready, rinse off. Some even don't rinse off that much. It moisturises and softens the skin without any greasy residue. Great for when I'm lazy and/or in a hurry because the skin on my body is quite dry otherwise.
Snow Fairy conditioner contains hydrating and nourishing organic cocoa butter, mango and avocado butter, jojoba oil and almond oil. Texture is gel-like and makes application very easy in comparison to runny Ro's Argan. The skin might not be as moisturized as with a usual lotion, however this conditioner still work greatly. Afterwards you're left with a cozy candy floss scent which is not as owerpowering as Snow Fairy shower gel can be sometimes. So I can switch between these. Still it has a nice staying power.

Price: £7,95/100g & £13,95/240g


Fun je večnamenski izdelek, ki ima teksturo plastelina. Zato morda ni običajen, vendar, ko se ga navadiš uporabljati, je odličen. Sama ga običajno zdrobim pod tekočo vodo ter si naredim penečo kopel v bani. Lahko pa ga uporabite kot običajno milo za umivanje telesa, las ter tudi za britje. Seveda pa ga lahko oblikujete, pri čemer so temu dodali krila ter palčko za izdelavo čarobne vile.
Fun se lepo speni, koruzna moka pa pusti mehak občutek na koži. Snow Fairy fun je tako odišavljen kot sladkorna pena ter močen vonj zavzame celotno kopalnico.
Embalaža zna biti morda nadležna saj je namenjena recikliranju, zato ga jaz hranim kar v črni posodici. Pri čemer se ne posuši ter ne stopi ob vodi. 10 penijev od vsakega funa pa Lush donira otrokom, ki so bili žrtve katastrofe na Fukušimi.

Cena: 8,95€ / 200g (na voljo v trgovinah Maribor, Koper ter Ljubljana ali na spletu)

Fun is a genious multi-purpose product. Some people may not like it but once you get the hang of it, it can be fun. I love crumbling it under hot water to use it as a bubble bath. Other than that, you can also use it as a regular soap, to wash your body and hair or even use it for shaving. Because it's texture is like play-doh, you can build things from it. That's why this one comes with wings and a wand to make yourself a little fairy. It foams up greatly and corn flour softens your skin. Snow Fairy one is of course scented like cotton candy which leaves you smelling nice and cheers me up.

Packaging is a bit annoying since it's recyclable, however you can store it in a normal pot to prevent it from drying out or melting near the water source.
And the best thing is that Lush spreads fun, while donating 10 penies from each FUN to children who have suffered from natural disaster on Fukushima. 

Price: £7,95/200g 

- Snow Fairy family: shower gel, FUN, Candy Mountain, Body Conditioner and Fairy Dust

Traveling: 24 hours in Graz

Hi girls.
I decided to make a bit different post for you today. I like to travel once in a while (well actually a few times per year), even if it's only to our neighbour country: Austria. Me and my boyfriend decided to spend a night in Graz, which involved some shopping and later relaxation. This post will be all about what you can do in Graz and which shops and places you should visit. Also a little haul involved.


When traveling from Maribor to Austria, I have to stop at Ikea, which is only around 20 minutes before Graz. This is where I bought some bedding, mostly candles and a mirror. They have Christmas at full effect and we spend 2 hours in there - which is not a lot, trust me.

Hotel Mercure

Around two o'clock we got to Mercure hotel just to drop off our things. It was 5-10 minutes walk away from the center, and closer to Schlossberg. The room was very spacious, with a couch and a huge TV + minibar. But mostly I was excited for a bath, which I made bubbles in at the evening. The bathroom lighting was amazing for doing makeup. And next to our room was wellness: fitness & sauna + lounge area.

Shopping in Graz

Because the first day was raining from time to time, we just opted for shopping that day. Architecture in Graz is beautiful, however I couldn't take nice photos due to weather.
I like shopping in Austria because they have so many brands not available in our country. I do not tend to go crazy, buying million products. That's why I always prepare a shopping list but slip in a goodie here and there. 
K&O is definitely worth a visit. It's a luxurious shopping building with many high-end brands. It's always nicely decorated. Besides clothing and kids sections, on the main floor you can find amazing beauty selection. So I spotted many new Christmas collections from: Bobbi Brown, Lancome, YSL and such. Plus you can enjoy your meal or drinks at the top of building. It's a nice place for sure.

And then it's just simple to navigate: going just along main shopping street, called: Herrengasse, which is beside Mura. I choose to go to my favorite stores.
Marinnaud beauty store stocks MAC Nutcracker collection and it was on my shopping list but because they didn't have the nude mini lipsticks set, I opted for a separate lipstick - Viva Glam II. Also I needed a new Prolongwear concealer. I highly advise you shopping at Marinnaud because they always have great deals. I got 40% off second item.

Next up was The Body Shop, where I needed Lightening drops. Again, they have discounts, that's why I bought a seasonal product (20% off): Frosted Berries bubble bath. And had a 5€ off coupon on my store card. I also went to Douglas, to search for a Zoeva Silk Finish brush and got a cheeky travel mascara set from Estée Lauder (8,95€ only). As if I need a new mascara, however it's a good travel size and I haven't tried anything from that brand before.
The last stop was Bipa, where I bought Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation. 

I do have to mention that some shopping assitants don't speak english that well, however I'm lucky I understand a lot of german, so communication gets a bit easier.

Discovering new - modern - food places


Between shopping it's nice to stop here and there. Both me and my boyfriend think in Graz you don't have many food places on the main shopping street. I did get some recommendations but we sometimes like discovering random new places. That's why we went to the end of Herrengasse street and found a place called: Burgerista. Seemed a better option than something like McDonalds and I was greatly surprised.
First of all, they have nice menus with different burgers (optional: drinks and fries included) and you get a buzzer when your food is ready. Everything is made from scratch and the burgers were delicious. Boyfriend opted for one with a delicious crispy bacon. You fill up drinks in stylish cups on your own and can drink as much as you want - I tried pink lemonade for the first time and it was delicious. It's quite a cool "pinterest" looking place but very nice. They have multiple sauces and some colouring pens in the middle of tables. Kids would literally stay there for hours.

Bar Albert

Also it's not easy to find a big bar at the main street so we suddenly in between shopping just went in to the smallest bar peeking on the street. It was really narrow and tables were only on one side. However, people in there seemed to all know each other and were very friendly. Everyone greeted us cheerfuly. The bar looked amazing and we got really nice service. The clock at the bar was interesting as it was digital but explained time with words.

Schlossberg & What to see

Next morning we decided not to have breakfast at a hotel but to get a lift to the top of Schlossberg (hill with remains of the castle) where we could get breakfast with a view in the cafe/restaurant called: Aiola. On the sunny day you can also enjoy some sunshine on their beautiful terrace.
The environment was relaxing, with some silent music and I literally got excited about the food when I saw other people's full tables. We opted for breakfast for two, which literally covered everything: from eggs, fruit salad & yogurt to cheese, meats and jam spreads. With some different bread included. I opted also for peppermint tea and boyfriend had a cup of coffee. 

Breakfast was just amazing and I got very stuffed. Then we just explored the hill and got the best view over town. We decided to go down just by foot.

Around the hill you can also explore the park. You can find everything on → tripadvisor, so easy. A great option is also visiting "Kunst museum" which is basically art museum, however we had to drive to Leoben for a relaxation in Asia spa.

- Kunst Museum

Get yourself to sleep easily: Lush Sleepy & Luxury Lush Pud

Živjo punce.
Če še morda niste zasledile, sem se to leto odločila testirati več novih Lushevih izdelkov za Božič 2016. V prejšnji objavi (tukaj) sem govorila o čudovitih svežih vonjih, danes pa Vam bom predstavila težko pričakovan Sleepy losjon. Ta ima enak vonj kot moja najljubša kopalna kroglica: Twilight. Gre za preplet sivke in tonke. Vem, da veliko punc ne mara sivke - tudi meni ni všeč, vendar absolut tonke (sladka aroma, podobno vaniljini - iz plodov sadežev dreves tonka) doda sladek, pudrast pridih kateremu se ne morem upreti.
V nekaterih darilcih pa je na voljo tuš gel Twilight, kateri me res zelooo mika. Poleg Sleepy losjona imate na voljo še Mr.Sandman puder za telo z bleščicami - z isti, vendar nežnejšim vonjem. Nazaj pa je tudi kroglica Luxury Lush Pud, ki ima enak vonj kot kroglica Twilight, vendar je barvitejša in malce bolj sladka. Vsi letošnji božični izdelki pa ne vsebujejo konzervansov.

Lusheve losjone obožujem, ker so res zelo vlažilni. Čeprav lahko za seboj pustijo masten občutek, pa mojo kožo najbolje nahranijo.
Sleepy losjon ima gelasto-kremasto teksturo, ki se enostavno razporedi po koži. Ker je zelo bogat z olji ter masli (madljevo olje, jojobino olje, organsko kakavovo maslo, maslo ilipe) je za vlaženje potrebna majhna količina. Ob nanosu velike količine pa sicer pusti malce oljnat občutek saj ga moja koža ne vpije takoj. Tako je čudovit za pred spanjem, saj se lahko namažem, oblečem ter me objame čudovit sladkasto pomirjajoč vonj, ki me spremlja še zjutraj. V lončku vonj ni tako ekstra saj se precej vonja sivka, vendar se ob nanosu na kožo zelo lepo razvije in dobi sladkast, pudrast pridih. Res je unikaten in poseben vonj, zato ga morate povonjati. Sivkina voda ter ovsena kaša pa poskrbita za pomiritev kože. Ne vem, če zaspim hitreje, kakor piše na embalaži vendar me vonj prijetno sprošča. Barva pa je nežno vijolično obarvana z majhnimi bleščicami, ki so bolj na vrhu. Tako malce spominja na vodo po kopanju z Twilight kopalno kroglico.

Moj najljubši Lushev losjon je Dream Cream, saj je zelo vlažilen in tudi pomirja. Zlahka pa bi ga nadomestil Sleepy saj je približno enako hranilen, vendar je lepše odišavljen. Ta losjon je zares čudovit ! Z veseljem bi imela tudi parfumček z enakim vonjem.

Cena: 11,95€/95g & 20,95/215g (na voljo v trgovinah Maribor, Koper ter Ljubljana ali na spletu)

My love for Lush body lotions is huge, since they are so moisturizing. Eventhough sometimes they make my skin a bit greasy, they are the most hydrating product I've tried so far.
Sleepy body lotion has an interesting gel/creamy texture which spreads very easily onto the skin. It's enriched with butters and oils (almond oil, jojoba oil, organic fair trade cocoa butter and ilipe butter), so you only need a small amount. If you use too much it can leave a greasy residue - well, my skin doesn't absorb it that quickly. That's why it's perfect for before going to sleep. I simply put it on and slip into my pyjamas as the amazing scent makes me feel cozy and warm and stays there even in the morning. Lavender water and oatmeal infusion then also calm my skin.

The scent is just amazing. Not too strong but you can definitely notice it. I dislike lavender scented products as they can be quite overpowering and strong, however this one is really different. At first in the pot you can smell the lavender and then on the skin it develops as sweet tonka (Tonka absolute is a sweet, vanilla-like aroma obtained from the seeds of fruits from "Tonka tree") over rules it. It's not too sweet and not too lavenderish, so it's just perfect: powdery and sweet. I don't know if it makes me sleepy as it says, however the scent definitely relaxes me.
This has to be one of my all time favorites as it even beats Dream Cream, just because of the smell !
I would seriously love a perfume with this scent. I'd love to wear a perfume with Twilight scent (Mr.Sandman is just not strong enough). And if you feel like it, you can firstly bathe in same scented bath bomb (Luxury Lush Pud) and combine it with Sleepy lotion for extra goodness. This body lotion is just amazing to me and I definitely recommend it !

Price: £7,95/95g & £13,95/215g

- Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

5 Favorite Mascaras I Blogged About

Ker me je veliko punc že vprašalo katera maskara je moja najljubša, tokrat posvečam objavo prav temu. In o svojih najljubših maskarah sem tudi veliko zapisala na blogu, tako da si boste lahko pogledale vse podrobnosti.
Imamo različne preference, jaz pa od maskare pričakujem, da trepalnicam doda veliko volumna ter jih lepo loči. Dolžina mi ni tako pomembna, vendar more biti vseeno opazna. Za nanašanje maskare si vzamem kar nekaj časa, saj včasih tudi s posebno krtačko še enkrat ločim trepalnice in nanesem končen sloj, če je le to potrebno. Trepalnic pa ne viham z uvijalcem, saj mi je to nepotrebno. Kljub temu ga priporočam, če želiš, da tvoje trepalnice izgledajo še daljše in lepo ukrivljene - res pomaga ! Torej, ne iščem ekstra podaljševanja, ker imam že dovolj dolge trepalnice. Ne morem pa niti našteti koliko različnih maskar sem že preizkusila - nekatere predstavljene maskare so že prazne, vendar sem obdržala embalažo za to objavo, vendar bi jih ponovno kupila :) Na povezavah pa si lahko ogledate podrobnosti ter kako maskare izgledajo na mojih trepalnicah.

Hi girls !
I know many have asked me which mascara is my favorite. To be honest I cannot choose just one, however here are my top favorite mascaras. I blogged about them as well, so you can get into detail about each one and see how they look on my eyelashes.
We all have different preferences but I mainly expect a lot of volume from mascaras. I don't care much about lenghtening. I take quite some time to apply mascaras and sometimes even use a separate brush for lashes. I don't usually curl my lashes but if you want nice curl and longer effect, I recommend it. So, my lashes are naturally quite long and I want lots of volume while nicely separated lashes.
Also I don't even know how many mascaras I've tested throughout the year but especially for this post I even kept some empty packaging. These are the mascaras I like and would definitely repurchase again. Also make sure to click on the links so you can see details and how each mascara looks on my lashes.

Lancôme Beauty: Hypnôse Volume-à-porter Mascara -> link here

Krtačka ima plastične špičke, ki so dobro razporejene, tako da res ločijo vsako trepalnico. Naredi lep volumen, jih dobro privihne ter tudi dovolj podaljša. Posebna krtačka omogoča, da lahko maskaro nanesete večkrat na trepalnice ter se ne zlepijo. Na mojih mastnih vekah je obstojnost odlična (kar tudi obljublja) in se maskara s trepalnic ne prenese na veko oziroma predel ob obrveh, s čimer imam pogosto težave. Prav tako se ne drobi. Čudovita, prefinjena embalaža pa to naredi še nekaj posebnega.

The brush is plastic and bristles are spread out nicely, so they catch each eyelash and separate them. It adds nice amount of volume while lifting up my lashes and also elongating them. I just love how easy it is to apply mascara with this brush. You can brush through many times without clumping. I'd recommend two thin layers. Also it promises long-lasting formula which is totally true. The gorgeous sleek but luxurious packaging makes it even more special.

MAC Haute & Naughty -> link here

Ta maskara je 2 v 1: za definirane ali goste trepalnice, saj "ima 2 krtački". Velika, gosta krtačka omogoča naraven ali drzen izgled. Majhna krtačka pa Je ekstra črna, lepo loči trepalnice in doda ekstra volumna. Ima sicer precej umeten vonj, vendar sčasoma izgine. Žal pa se mi včasih tudi fajn odtisne na vekah, ker trepalnice tako zelo podaljša.

This mascara has dual-wiper system that offers either defined or voluminous lashes. The big, fluffy one is just great. Plus it has normal "hair" (not plastic) . It gives your eyelashes a nice amount of volume and also lengthens them nicely + it doesn't clump at all ! One thing I've noticed is that mascara smelled on my lashes like plastic - I literaly could smell it for an hour. It's weird, but it doesn't bother me that much.

L'oreal Cat Eyes: False Lash Superstar Mascara -> link here

Pri tej je seveda trik v prvem koraku: beli osnovi, ki je takoj doda volumen ter podaljšanje. Po želji lahko takoj ali malce kasneje nanesete še drugo fazo, katera je ekstra črna in bo trepalnicam dodala končen videz. Potrebujete oba nanosa za tisti "wau" učinek. Na mojih bolj mastnih vekah pa se kljub uporabi pudra in primerja na žalost po nekaj urah maskara odtisne na veke, kjer se končajo trepalnice saj jih zelo podaljša. Skratka meni je učinek na trepalnicah odličen in krtačka jih ne zlepi. In ni zadnja tubica, saj jo bom definitivno ponovno kupila.

So, the trick is definitely in the white primer which is really light but it allows a thick application while it dries into a transparent layer after a while. A black layer then makes your eyelashes "pop" and makes the "wow" effect. I only have one problem with this mascara: it tends to transfer onto my oily eyelids. I really love the effect it leaves on my eyelashes + it usually doesn't clump. It's not the first, neither last tube, because I'm definitely gonna buy it again.

L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess -> link here

Ta maskara je res top med volumenskimi. Plastična krtačka lepo loči trepalnice in jim daje čudovit volumen brez truda. Res enostavna za nanašanje in učinek je dolgotrajen.

This is quite the best volumizing mascara. The plastic brush gets into all the lashes and separates them really nicely and gives me a nice volume. I don't have to try hard and the effective is great and long lasting.

Avon & Big False Lash -> link here

Ta maskara obljublja predvsem veliko volumna in pa tudi morda učinek umetnih trepalnic. Krtačka je velika ampak ima standardni izgled. Lepo loči trepalnice ter jih ne zlepi. Predvsem pa jim podari veliko volumna. Morem vas opozorit, da ima ta maskara odlično obstojnost in morem sama za učinkovito odstranitev uporabit odstranjevalec na oljni osnovi. Maskara naj ne bi bila vodoodporna, ampak se občuti tako, zato je ena mojih najljubših (primerna tudi za zelo mastne veke).

This mascara offers volume and a bit of "false lash" effect. The brush is quite usual, but a bit big. It separates the lashes and doesn't clump them up. I do feel like I get a lot of volume with this mascara, plus it's really easy to use. It does have a long staying power and usually I need to use an oil-based makeup remover due to it's durability. It's not waterproof, however longlasting which I really need sometimes. I don't have anything bad to say about it.

- Je katera izmed teh maskar tudi Vaša najljubša ?

Yves Saint Laurent: Babydoll Kiss & Blush - 18 Rose Provocant

Živjo punce !
YSL šminke so zadnje mesece kar redno v moji uporabi in tokrat sem testirala zanimiv hibrid: šminka in rdečilo za lička 2 v 1. Od te nisem pričakovala kaj veliko, vendar me je prijetna tekstura spet presenetila...

"Kiss your cheeks. Blush your lips. Play with color and mix and match your lips and cheeks. Yves Saint Laurent introduces the latest innovation in the edgy Baby Doll attitude. This 2 in 1 ultra blendable air whipped mousse beautifully highlights your lips and cheeks with a sensual soft matte finish. "

Testirala sem enega izmed dveh novih odtenkov za jesen 2016, in sicer: 18 Rose Provocant – ljubka rožnata s pridihom provokativnosti. Gre za šminko s penasto teksturo, ki jo lahko uporabite na ustnicah ter licih. Zaključek pa naj bi bil mat.

Embalaža je tako kot pri vseh YSL izdelkih čudovita, steklo pa daje luksuzen občutek. Ne gre za običajno izsušujočo tekočo šminko ter tudi ne poudari gubic na ustnicah. Tako je tekstura penasta ter omogoča popravljanje nanosa. Ne posuši se takoj, kar verjetno ni odlično saj se ob nanosu več slojov še počasneje suši. Zaključek pa je na pol mat in izgleda čudovito saj olepša ustnice. Pigmentiranost je dobra - ne najbolj vrhunska, vendar se zlahka sloji ter izgleda lepo enakomerno na ustnicah. Aplikator s srčkasto gobico omogoča enostaven in natančen nanos ter ima osvežilen vonj po lubenicah, kar mi je všeč saj opažam da ima vedno več izdelkov za ustnice cvetličen ali sladek vonj. Po treh urah je občutek malce bolj suh ampak ne drastično moteč. Žal šminka ni obstojna ob uživanju pijač ali hrane, vendar ob ponovnem nanosu izgleda lepo. Za seboj pa vedno pusti malce odtenka.
Ob uporabi na licih nanesem nekaj pikic, katere enostavno zabrišem kar s prsti in se tekstura spremeni bolj v pudrasto. Za seboj pusti naraven roza odtenek, ki pa lahko traja ves dan.

Všeč mi je enostavno nanašanje in lep izgled ustnic. Želim si le, da bi bil produkt bolj obstojen. Še vedno je precej prijeten izdelek za ustnice saj ni glos ki takoj izgine ter tudi ne izsušujoča šminka - je ravno pravšnje teksture. Odtenek pa ima lep koralen pridih.

Cena: nekje 38,57€

Firstly, the packaging is pretty and this glass bottle feels quite heavy. It definitely isn't one of those lipsticks which would show every crack on your lips. It has an interesting but wonderful mousse formula which glides on very easily and gives you enough time to correct any mistakes. Takes some time to dry and when it does, the finish is semi matt. If you put on more layers it will take longer time to dry, which is sometimes not the best. Pigmentation is not the greatest as the formula is not liquid to matt, however it's easy to build up while still looking even and somehow it makes my lips look smoother. Sponge applicator with pointed tip makes application easy. Also it smells like watermelon, which is refreshing to the beauty because there are many sweet or floral scents out there. After 3 hours it feels a bit drying on the lips, however it's nothing major. On the lips, the longevity isn't the best as it wears off while drinking or eating. However, you can re-apply it and will still look perfect.
While on the cheeks I place just a few dots and with easy blending it transforms from mousse to powdery finish. The rosy colors gives nice flush to the cheeks. Longevity is better and it looks very natural throughout the day. The shade 18 is a pinky coral - not too bright.

All in all, I really like the texture and effortless application. Plus it gives such a pretty look to my lips. However it might not be for those who look for long wearing lipstick.

Price: around 36-38€